Duthane’s growing experience in Singapore for over 20 years has taught us that the need to preserve is undoubtedly essential for an everlasting clement. Particularly essential in a professional and social environment, it should be made feasible for a place or facility to be humanely used. Duthane was first incorporated in 1995 and has plied in Facility Services since then. Duthane has partnered with various corporations as well as government agencies in preserving a sustainable and appealing environment.

The will of “Shaping better Places – Building better Lives” has moulded the business character of Duthane to grasp the needs of an environment to synergise with the needs and wants of every individuals which dwells within. Usability and quality are prioritised points that Duthane focuses on for a sustainable development. Then, the management and tending of facilities became Duthane’s way of life. Of which, Duthane is committed to the binding trust to be able to create a solution for every issue.

For Duthane, business isn’t solely to profit, but it is also give a value-add and positive impact to the social environment. Duthane is committed to share and blend various support aspects to create a collaboration pattern in business and social sphere. As such, partnering with Duthane should be part of contributing to a positive change to the environment.

Duthane’s business focus encompasses a whole spectrum Integrated Facility Services which is implemented in Cleaning, Horticulture and Internal/External Design.

Your faith is Duthane’s confidence.


We will become the preferred and most trusted Integrated Facility Management service provider to customers, colleagues, investors, business partners and our communities.


We dedicate ourselves to be the preferred service provider that thrives on safety, quality and competitive solutions.

We take a proactive approach to understanding our customers’ priorities and work tirelessly to build an innovative and technical solutions to meet their needs. We are experts in our market and anticipate future opportunities. Every one of us understands the impact their work has on our customers’ outcome and experience with DUTHANE. We know and advocate the reliability of our products and services is paramount to customers and quality management is at the core of our business.
We encourage teamwork through open and direct communication. We know that a “Silo Mentality” inhibits our ability to serve customers and creates an unproductive office environment. We ensure that all opinions are put on the table for consideration and then unite behind the final decisions for the common good of customers and the company. We support, coach and develop our people to build high performing teams.
We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and ethics, as individuals, in teams and as a Group. We earn enduring credibility with customers. Suppliers and partners through consistent, reliable and transparent behaviour. We know that business success is built on trust and we are proud of the way we operate. Our reputation for integrity and ethics is one of our greatest assets.
We are responsible for meeting the needs of all our stakeholders. We know that a sustainable business requires the ongoing support of customers, employees and shareholders. So we diligently plan and review our performance in meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders, including the communities and eco-systems we operate in. We are driven by our responsibilities and take pride in what we achieve individually and collectively.
DUTHANE Group provides a healthy, safe and sustainable place to work and we know that creating such a work environment produces better business outcomes. We partner with our customers to ensure our products and work sites meet global environmental and safety requirements. We are accountable for our own safety and the safety of other at the workplace. All Duthane employees are vigilant to security concerns when they work, health and safety risks when we plan projects deployments; and environmental considerations when we design and build products.